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    A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step

  • About Us

    We always strive for the best socks


    "We aimed to be the finest textile solution provider in the world."


    Our roadmap starts with our enduring mission. It declares our purpose as a company and serves as the guideline when we make actions and decisions.


    ”To provide customers with quality products and services, to create values for society, employees and shareholders."


    About Rand Socks

    Rand studios is a fashion textile maker which dates back to 1988 when it started life in a small family workshop making cotton socks. It was founded by Mr. Ruifeng Zhang. Now we have a socks design studio in Hangzhou, and a manufacturing facility “ZEK” located in Haining. Our management principle is that “a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” The company was founded on this philosophy from the start. It shapes what we think and what we do.


    To make the finest socks to our customers, we pursue high techniques, quality, and service standards. Rand differentiates itself from other companies by developing unique products. Designers analyze the latest fashion and lifestyles around the world as well as look into new materials. Meanwhile, our factory ensures that our knitting machines are the most advanced available, as part of its continuous efforts to improve quality and efficiency.


    Rand delivers over 60 million pairs of socks to our clients each year and all of them are made to comply with our demanding in-house health and safe standards. We'd like to commit ourselves to introduce the world to the comfort and delight of high quality socks.

    Social Audits

    Rand's goal is to offer products of the highest quality to all of our customers at the same time as striving to develop a business that is sustainable. Our products are manufactured in a way that is ethnical, safe, environmentally friendly and socially responsible. Every link in the company's entire value chain are obliged to do its work ethnically and responsibly. To this end all employees are explicitly bound by the social and environmental responsibility values that define Rand.


    We have received social audits approval from a range of institutions like SGS (Sedex-ETI, SMETA), WCA, PVH, and WRAP.


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    Welcome to Rand Studio, Our new socks design studio will open soon!
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    Calvin Klein

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    POLO Ralph Lauren

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    Lacoste Japan

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    UK socks and tights


    we do socks oem for Uniqlo


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